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Texas All Creatures Rescue

Texas All Creatures Rescue is a foster-based 501(c)3 Non-Profit based out of North Central Texas. It all started with a few passionate people who have seen our community's incredible need. With shelters at capacity and no spay/neuter laws in Texas, we find ourselves at a critical tipping point. Over 57,000 dogs and cats are euthanized yearly in North Texas, and hundreds of thousands more dogs are being dumped by the very humans they have depended on to survive. Left roaming the streets where many die daily from starvation, exhaustion, disease, and road accidents. 

Owner surrender requests are at an all-time high. The economy is forcing people to downsize into smaller homes or apartments with no yard. Inflation mixed with supply shortages has hiked the price of dog food up to record highs. It's the perfect storm, and the animals pay the ultimate price. 

In our first year, Texas All Creatures Rescue rescued 167 animals and successfully adopted them out to wonderful families. Through our Community Out Reach Program, we saved 66 dogs in our local community and enriched the lives of nine families and three individuals. 

As we are still trying to keep up with the ongoing demand for dogs being dumped and abandoned in Texas, we know that our current business model can only save a small number of dogs at a time. Although we will ALWAYS need dedicated Fosters and there is no true substitute for in-home training, to make the biggest impact in our area, we need to have an actual place for pets. A shelter for them to heal and a space dedicated to aiding their rehabilitation journey. A building with individual dog runs and play areas with a/c and heat. A place where potential adopters can come and visit the dogs and truly spend time with them one-on-one. Large outdoor areas for the dogs to run and get exercise. As odd as it may sound, we need a place to teach dogs how to just be a dog! Several dogs that are rescued are brought in as strays and have never actually been a part of a family before. All they know is how to survive. So, we need a place to teach them how to be companion dogs and what it actually feels like to be loved.

It's not only about animals. We have an obligation to better our community. To help build each other up and offer ways for people to come together and actually make an impact in the fight against homeless pets. The ultimate goal is to have an area for a small vet clinic on-site and a way to provide veterinary help and education for our community. If we can provide education to our friends, neighbors, and family, only then will we actually start to see behaviors change. This will ultimately be the key to our long-term success and ability to branch out.

Thank you from the entire TexasACR Family. We cannot accomplish our vision without the love and support of people like you. 


Executive Director- Twyla Pyles

Director of Operations- Lindsay Damron

P.O. Box 660 •  Lillian, Tx 76061  •  Info [ at ]